Sound and vision.

This page will now reflect the videos with which I will try to give life to this website. I hope to see progress, both in the videos’ content and their technical aspect. Later, when we have achieved a certain standard in the production, we will see if we keep these contents or pass them definitively to the historical archives of the project.

Video presentation of the project with English subtitles, in its original format as technical proof.

New image and sound technical test reflecting the sailing on board Kif Kif between El Masnou (Barcelona, Catalunya) and the port of Burriana (Castellón, Comunidad Valenciana) on October 7 and 8, 2022, with a stuttering interview with Joan A. J. Ros. Included in the package. Spanish version only.

From Burriana (Spain mainland) to Palma (Balearic Islands), English version A, from the 11th. to the 13th. of December 2022. (Sorry about my pronunciation in English, that I will also try to improve in the future).